Some Self-feelings After Seeing A TV Series


Last day and the day before last day, I saw a Japanese TV series named “花より男子2”, including the total 11series plus a snapshot video clip. A good and happy outcome at last makes me feel that the power of the editors is so strong. Such a long cartoon is changed to be a TV series, including the first part, which is only just 20 series. The plot of the two parts is so compactable that no one should surely think that it has compiled from a cartoon, if he or she saw the original cartoon before. Especially in the last episode, some figures and plots have appeared, such as the appearance of the “great uncle” and the plot of 道明寺司’s saving of 牧野つくしin the snow field, which are arranged in such a ingenious way.


Next I will say something about the actors and actress. When I first saw the first part in 2005 and saw the group of Japanese F4 for the first time, I thought that they acted perfectly and much better than those who were acting in the previous Taiwanese TV series “Meteor Garden”. So I was eager to see the next part as soon as possible. But I delayed this because of some other key things.

Although the actors are not high except for 小栗旬, who is the highest among F4, with the official repot of 178cm. And in the net there had been some people oppugned the possibility that 松本润 could challenge the successful action of the role with his height of only 173cm. But the bright of an actor can only emit in the play just like the good example of ZaiZai. While I feel that ZaiZai could not act better than 小栗旬, because I think that ZaiZai only cared for the superficial temperament of 花沢类 as hesitation, gentle and elegance. 小栗旬 can play the role just like 花沢类 himself with careful thinking and the privity and sacrifice for 牧野つくし anywhere. While in the Taiwanese edition, we can not see the sensation between them which can deeply impress us. Though 松本润 is not high, his hair style and his appearance when annoying are really like 道明寺司. As a mean actor, I think that 松本润 acted perfectly, who can obviously display the domination naturally and really, especially the noble blood as a big master in a giant consortium.

Next let’s see 牧野つくし.When I saw the previous comments of Taiwanese edition, I concerned that there was a sentence which was written”Big S is much old who is not fit for the role of a senior middle school student”. After I saw 井上真央, I felt that big S was really old. Whether from the interior play or the superficial play, 井上真央 can display the “spirit of weed” on 牧野つくし.The little girl about 20 acted really well. And she can influence my mood in several scenes and made me deeply shocked in the inter heart. Oh, as I mentioned here, I have been moved for several times when seeing some special scenes and I could not help piping my eyes. So remember to take a handkerchief at hand. I admire her greatly! As the minor roles, 道明寺司’s sister, 道明寺椿 (acted by 松嶋菜々子)surprised me. Her smile was charmful!

Last I want to say something about the outcome at last. When I saw the last episode, I felt a little sick at heart. Maybe you have known the specific plot, so I omit it. If not, I suggest you seeing it. But when I stood down and thought carefully, I felt that this was the reality and the whole of the life. 道明寺枫 (acted by加贺まりこ) , 道明寺司’s mother, could not see the bankruptcy of her family enterprise in her hands, could not see the unemployment of too many people with bad management and could not even see the “betray” to the family of her son whom she held big hope to. So, you can rethink of her, such a “doughty”, “rebarbative”, “commit-all-manners-of-crimes” woman. She was really not comfortable. Everyone has his own role and is burdened on the unique role responsibility. If he could not accomplish it, for him, it might be the failure in his life. I can believe that if the “great uncle” had not brought forward the cooperation with 道明 Group on the premise of the marriage between 牧野つくし and 道明寺司 after his success, which changed the crisis of the Group, the story of 牧野つくし and 道明寺司 is not still an end. So I feel this is the reality. The tale of Cinderella and prince may happen in our real life. Of course, it is impossible that it is exactly the same nice with that in the story.

After seeing my feelings of the TV series, you may be excited and moved. So at last, I strongly recommend that you see the whole series if you have not seen before, and see it again if you have seen it for only one time and have not a deep feeling like me, feeling it deeply in your own heart.

Note: This is an original issue written by myself. There might be some mistakes. Please put forward without any reservation. Thank you again! ありがとう! みんなどうもありがとう!


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