I Feel So Gloomy To The Machine Test Today

About more than ten days ago, the arrangement of the machine test was been known to us all, who attended English class in autumn semester. All the tests are taken in the computer classrooms on the new Zijingang campus. My arrangement is on this afternoon, with the period from 15:30 to 16:50, in Room 223, East 6 Building. 2 is my seat number, for my learning number is at the second place according to the sequence of it from the small to the large.

In fact, before the test, I had not spent much time in preparing it. When I went to class in autumn term, the teacher told us that there was a book we could take for reference. So I bought the book in a book store opposite to the gate of Yuquan campus. Of course, I did some exercises in the book, concentrating on the vocabulary practice. I found that many of the words which appear in both the sentences and the four words or phrases chosen, are so unfamiliar that even in some cases, I can not choose which one is the best on account of my verdancy. I felt a little worried. But yesterday, I saw some notes on 88 forum, on the feelings of the students who had taken the test. Many of them said the book I mentioned above was very important and the questions of vocabulary and cloze patterns came from it. The questions were exactly the same. Many of the testees regretted not seeing the book carefully before. Knowing this, I took out the book and reviewed the vocabulary questions for several times and tried my best to learn the unfamiliar words by heart. Then I did the cloze with 8 passages. This was what I did yesterday. This morning, I did the reading comprehension for only one time on the computer. I mean that in ordinary test, all the questions are printed on paper and I am accustomed to doing in this way. Now the way is changed and we should look at the computer screen to do without any paper. I know that this is the way of some international tests such as TOFOL, GRE and IELTS, while I have not attended any of them. So I have little experience of that, I think. I found that I was not adapted to it any more. The result at last proved my thought at that time.

It was not a good but a bleak day. It rained a little outside, so I took an umbrella with me and felt a little cold. But my heart was a little excited. After my lunch, I took the K74 bus for the test. The destination of the bus is Zijingang Campus. I got on the bus at about 1:30 P.M. It took me about an hour there. Then I walked for 10 minutes to get to the class. When I got there, the previous batches were not ended and I saw many students standing on the aisle outside the classrooms. Most of them were looking at the book so as to grasp the last time to learn the words as many as possible. Instead of doing like them, I stood there waiting for the coming-in and talking with several classmates in the same English class.

Time passed quickly and at about 3:15 P.M, we went into the room, showing our graduate passport for permission. I sat down on the appointed seat, seeing that a paper was lying on the desk. I saw that it was unnecessary to prepare any papers by myself. After inputting my learning number, I was waiting for the start of the test. When time went to sharp 15:30, I clicked the OK button to go into the question and answer interface. I did listening comprehension first and felt that it was not so difficult just with a woman’s ambiguous voice. After doing this, I did the vocabulary and cloze questions in less than 10 minutes. Just at that time, I noticed it had 55 minutes left and felt a little loose, thinking that time was enough to complete the last reading comprehension. But the fact was not the thing as I thought. When I saw the four passages, I felt puzzled. All the themes were not easy to understand and I spent so much time on reading them and doing the following five questions after each passage. After all, I was not accustomed to the way of testing, facing to the screen for so much time, which made me easy to be visually tired. When time was over, I delivered the test and then my marks appeared. My total mark was 42.5, which showed that I passed the machine test. While looking at the mark of my reading comprehension, only 8, I felt so gloomy that I spent most of the time, which was about 55 minutes, while the result gave me a sense of embarrassment. Expect for the reason I mentioned, I think another mean cause is that I have not practiced in reading comprehension for so long a period. Of course, I felt a little happy for I passed it and the next thing to do is to have a full preparation for the following oral test on Dec.25.


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