I Just Came Back From My Oral Test This Morning

Today is the western festival of Christmas Day. Firstly, wish everyone happy all the day. When I was walking along the streets on the way to Yuquan campus this morning, I saw many shops and the entrances of some square were decorated with some materials which could represent the atmosphere of the festival.

According to the arrangement of our oral test, I and other 9 classmates should attend this test this morning. At about 7 this morning, I started to walk to Yuquan campus, just as I went there as usual. About 20 minutes later, I got there and went to a dinning-room to have my breakfast. Then I spent several minutes in finding the building-Teaching Building 12. It is located on the opposite side of Teaching Building 11.Before the test, we copied our PPT files to the computer which is connected to the slide projector. The test began at 8:30 and all the 10 students and 3 teachers were setting in. My learning number is at the second place according to the sequence of it from the small to the large, so I was the second to present my topic.

The first one was a classmate majoring in mathematics. He seemed a little nervous when giving us his self-introduction. His PPT was poor for there were too many words on every page of it. His answering of the questions was also not good and perhaps he could not catch up what the teachers had asked. Seeing this, I felt a little worried. In a hurry, it was my turn. I handed out the papers to the teachers where was printed my PPT pages. I stood on the platform and began my speech. The content of my speech is going to be published here later. I finished my total speech within the stated time-6 minutes. Then three questions should be answered. My teacher asked a question, but unfortunately I could not understand what he meant. At that time, I only knew which technology was used to invent television. So I said it was electronic technology that was the key one. After my speech, actually, my teacher said he meant that it was Einstein’s photoelectric theory that causes the invention of television. He said that since you had chosen the topic and you were standing on the front, you were the expert in the field. I feel that what he said is right.

The other two teachers asked two questions. One was that why children like to watch TV programs especially cartoon programs and the other was that you had just said there were some misleading commercials and ads which were displayed on TV, did you give us an illustration. Of course, these two questions were not too hard and I answered them quickly. After that, I listened to other two classmates and then there was a break for rest. Because this afternoon I have to go to Zijingang campus to listen to the statistical class, I asked my teacher for leave.

I wrote the blog in order to give those who will attend the following oral test some help. This is my hope and I wish it a reality. Best lucks for you!!


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  1. Thank you for the introduction about the orel test . I’ll have it in spring-summer term ,and I believe "I shall be nervous definitely, ha~".
    Anyway, thanks a lot.


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