In One Group Of Baidu Hi Speaking English

Several days ago, I joined in one of the groups of Baidu Hi, with the name of Learn English For 2008, and the number of which is 1070530. But I found that although there are more 90 people in the group, among them, some people even said Chinese in it and many Chinese words were on the screen! I can not bare this thing! So I said too much in it this afternoon. I will enumerate some of the chatting remrks below.

Hello! Everyone here!

We should say English here.

It may be a little difficult to bulid a group. You must invite at lest 15 people.

I just saw too many Chinese here!

And translation is not necessary. Do not say Chinese again.

Just in this case, I have nothing to say.

The only thing to do for me is to be quiet.


The reason is clear. And you also can not bare to see too many Chinese words on the screen. And look at the bulletin board. This is an English group.

(To be silent for several hours…)

Just now I was chatting with someone in my connection list in English.

And I recommand him to join in this group.

But in this group, Chinese is banned. So we do not want to see many Chinese words on the screen.

In the right list, there are 13 ones on the net. Why do not you join in the discussion?

Oh, I am depressed by the quiet atmosphere.

The purpurse of us to come here is to improve us in learning it and have a practise, and to give ourselives some chances to speak. Otherwise, why you join in? Keeping silent is not reasonable for us.

The only thing for us is not the reason that our English is poor. That is not the core one. The mean question is that most of us do not say for they dare not say and then dare not say for ever.

Here is so quiet. And I was depressed for a long time. Just now only myself one say too much here.

This afternoon, I said too much here. But no one replied. So I was so depressed and then I found there are many middle school students here.

In the evening, I found two friends in the group who are university students and have both passed CET4 and CET6 with high scores. So I chatted with them happily. And we centered with the topic of whether it is the ticket that you can have the chance, and even the threshold to come into the corps who are willing to take more attention of it.

In my opinion, I think the mark is not the most important thing which can judge your entering the corps, because I think that the high mark can not represent all of your English abilities. And not all the companies pay much attention to it, especially some foreign ones. Maybe someone have got a high mark, but he or she is even a dumb English-learner. Even this, I can say that it is not a high demand to let you pass it. In conclusion, From seeing this, many of the corps. would think you have a strong ability to have the communication with others. That is the first expression on them! But remember this is so important that you have gotten the key, a golden key to have access to the corp. So that maybe what you have discussed and what you mean all in the way.


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