Do You Regret?

"If you could go back and change one thing about your life, would you? And if you did, would that change make your life better? Or would that change ultimately break your heart? Or break the heart of another? Or would you choose an entirely different path? Or would you change just one thing, just one moment? One moment, that you’ve always wanted back." – One tree hill

I would. I think us people make so many mistakes in one life that there are lot of things that you regret at the end of the day, that you wish you could re-live it and do it better, or least, differently.

Our biggest regrets are not for the things we did, but for the things we didn’t do, so they say. In my situation, it’s the other way around. If your regret is something because of you didn’t do, it would be still changable. It’s up to you to change it. And I recommend you to change it. No matter how hard it is, how difficult, change it before it is too late.

"Tell your loved ones that you love them very much. Say sorry to people who you’ve hurt. Say thank you for what you’re thankful. "- Elisa Tjan

"If we fill our hours with regrets over the failures of yesterday, and with worries over the problems of tomorrow, we have no today in which to be thankful" – Author unknown

So now, and at this time, we should have a specific goal, in the near or far time view. Let’s do our best to reach the goals. I’m going to grab whatever I can grab. Lets all do our best to reach the goals we want to reach. Don’t forget there will always be ups and downs, you may not like the effort or energy you put into it, but you might like the result of it. Good luck with whatever your goal is!

(Most of the content is from and thanks to Elisa Tjan here.)



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