I Have Been Catching A Cold In These Days

Yes, just like the title said, I have been catching a serious cold in these days. Now I still feel unwell and tired.

Yesterday morning, I went to the campus hospital to see the doctor. The doctor found my tonsils swallowed and filled with blood. So I should be diminished inflammation and then the doctor prescribed some anti-inflammation prescriptions for me. Because I had got a bad cold, running at the nose, the doctor prescribed some anti-cold and heat-clearing electuary and repeatedly advised me to drink much water and have a good rest. Yesterday evening I went to bed much early and had a good sleep.

So I recommand here that now it is a various changing season and the temperature also changes rapidly, even then the difference in which is with a wide range. The temperature in the morning and evening is very low, while in the daylight, if it is shining, it will be 10 degree centigrad higher than that in the morning and evening. Pay attention to putting on your clothes or off them according to the variation of the weather. Good luck and keep your body healthy!


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