Now I Am One Of The Administrators Of Two Groups Of Baidu Hi

Yesterday I found another group that was a place to learn English. I joined in the group of Baidu Hi with the name of “~嗨缘~–①起学英语”. When I joined in it, I found that it was really a new group with only 4 people in it. I spoke with the host of the group, and then I was entitled one administrator of the group. I thanked him for recommending me the administrator of the group and for trusting me! I hope we can build the group together and make it a real place to learn English.

When the number increases, some other problems might occur. In that group, although there were 23 on line at some time, the group was also quite silent. And when the number on line is high in another case, there might be many Chinese words on the screen.

But there are many advantages in joining in the group with many people in it. And of course you can meet some English experts who can speak with you fluently, which makes you find them easily. I gave the host some suggestions to promote the human level, which was to see how to make more people join in the group. And I would like to have a try which is the responsibility of an administrator. The purpose for him to build the group is obvious, which is to promote our English ability, especially the ability to communicate with others. The promotion for all of us who are in the group is our final aim! So we have confidence and almighty make the group grow better. Please organize and have a full wish to face the sunshine of another day!

By the way, I was also entitled one administrator of another group named “浙江人”.


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