A Composition of Health and Wealth

We say that “Health is Wealth”. But can people truly say that they were blessed with good health if they didn’t have the wealth that sustains it?

Health and Wealth

——Wealth is the Basic of the Health

My answer to this question is “No”. I think if people don’t have enough wealth to support their basic lives, they won’t pay much attention to health, even they intend to exchange health for wealth. Health is surely important, but it needs necessities of life as base.

I can take many examples. In the past, the living conditions were very poor. Most people had less food than they required. So they had to work hard to earn the basic living materials. As it was known, they worked so long, more than 12 hours one day, and had no rest on weekends. Such heavy labour itself damaged people’s health seriously. As statistics states, the average life span of people nowadays becomes much longer when compared with before.

Not only in the past but in our modern age, such things can occur somewhere. Some young people won’t to do some hard work because they despise manual labour and think that doing such job is toilsome while can not earn much money quickly. They are willing to do some soft jobs while much money can be earned. As you know, it is rare to find such good things. In order to realize their dream, they risk their health to exchange money. They abuse themselves and are held in contempt by the society.

With the development of society, the whole wealth accumulates more. Most people don’t need to worry if they have enough food. Consequently, they start to pay more and more attention to their health for they want to enjoy their lives and riches more. Under this condition, it may be meaningful to day “Health is Wealth”.


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