Horses Sleeping While Standing

It is an interesting thing which can accumulate our knowledge. Maybe you have the experience when sometime you spotted a horse in the stable and walked over after your visit to the toilet and the smell was horrid so you strolled back quickly to the original place.

Then you might wonder if the horse like dogs and cats lie on their back sideways to catch their sleep.

I only know to answer that horse sleep standing up but behind the explanation, I do not know.

It’s interesting. Yeah horses do sleep standing up! And not be tired.

Imagine if God actually made us standing sleeping.

Horses sleeping standing:

The answer lies in a system of tendons and ligaments that work together with the knee cap. Animal experts call this the "stay apparatus." It’s a pretty clever design, really. At any time, a horse needs only to relax the muscles on his front legs, and the stay apparatus will kick in. For the back legs, a horse must rotate its hips to activate the built-in locking mechanism.

Of course, the horse can sleep lying down if it so chooses, but God has designed this magnificent animal to get forty winks on four legs.

(From the encyclopedia in English)


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