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This entry should have been published on April 19th while I could not log onto Spaces Live space because of the Internet. In this entry, the word “today” should be changed to the day before yesterday” when published today. But in order to remain the original style, I don’t do so.

I have thought for a few minutes how to name the title of the entry today. At last, I use the popular phrase and do not think out a better one. Then I would say something about what I did today.

Today I mainly strolled around the street, especially in some shops selling the digital devices. Why I came there today? Maybe there are the following 3 reasons. Of course, it is a weekend and I have time to go out. And I didn’t go there lonely. One middle-school comrade of my dorm partner went to Hangzhou and sought job here, who are living in my room. I went to the shops together with him. And yesterday he bought a two-handed laptop and I have a heavier power transformer of my laptop, I feel. So I want to exchange it to a lighter one.

We went to the building where yesterday he bought his laptop, and just the same counter and the same boss. But unfortunately, the boss doesn’t sell the brand of my computer. And we asked another two traders, showing them my power transformer. They said that the voltage and current were both higher than the popular ones nowadays, and I had to buy a new one but they didn’t want to buy mine for no one wanted to get an obsolete one. We gave up doing this and went to another counter to see some software discs. We stayed there for a long time finding the software we felt useful. At last, we bought 11 with 4 to me.

We went back and checked out the discs. I found one disc with Collections of Microsoft Office was not the real content it presented on the outer cover. He found all the discs were DVD discs and the drive of the laptop is only CD-ROM which could not read these ones. He wanted to exchange this to another DVD-ROM and I wanted to exchange the disc to another one with the real collection.

We went there afternoon and he exchanged successfully and me too. But unfortunately, I found a little scratch on the track of the disc and the computer was dead when the drive read it. I had to exchange again tomorrow. And in the evening, when I opened my MSN account and my 163 blog, I happily found that many net friends joined me and even left some step prints on my blog. I was glad to see that. This is a wonderful thing and then I have more friends and many more friends can share the details of everyday with me happily and sadly.


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