Why Is There So Much Plastic In The World?

When you go to the seaside somewhere in the world, you could not help noticing how much plastic there is floating in the water. If there was so much visible from a small part of the world’s coastline just think how much there is in all of the world’s oceans. I can’t imagine what it would look like if it was all piled up next to the government buildings of the rich nations who produce it. The White House in Washington would be miles deep in rubbish, so would the Houses of Parliament in London. Maybe we should all collect plastic waste from our next beach holiday, or sailing trip, or diving trip and then drop it next to these buildings and let our politicians get some idea of the size of the problem. Let’s also drop it at the door of the biggest suppliers of all this junk – the supermarkets.

As we know, in China, June 1st this year plastic bags begin to be used by pay while banning on the production, sale and use of them. Various governmental departments are improving the recycling level of waste plastics by promoting re-carrying a bag or a basket, which can create a good atmosphere of using plastic bags sparingly.

To a certain extent, we should spend some costs and a waste of resources in producing plastic bags, coupled with a lot of man-made waste, which contributes to a certain degree of environmental pollution. This brings not only hidden inconvenience to people’s lives, but also a certain degree of pressure to the whole community. Of course, to a certain extent, plastic bags also bring convenience and speed to people. So nowadays, plastic bags are made of biodegradable ones which can reduce pollution. But there are still non-degradable plastic bags, which has certain insecurity.


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