Stereo PC Headset

Just as I said in one entry, one middle-school comrade of my dorm partner went to Hangzhou to seek job here. He left here on Monday evening. This Sunday noon when I saw him buying a pair of mini-loudspeaker boxes, a desire for the same thing rose to me. Actually, they were quite well and I connected them to the computer, finding the sounding music from them. We all feel them very good to use and portable, packed in a small packet by your side. I also wanted to buy a pair.

Therefore, we went to a computer shop building, where he bought them that afternoon. However, when we got there and the boss showed me the product, I hesitated. Just at that moment, I remembered that in winner holiday my sister told me that I should have a stereo so that we could talk on QQ through the Internet. Then I asked the boss whether there were any stereos and earphones there. “Yes, of course. Here are many types that you can choose.” The boss said. I thought since I bought, I should buy a better pair. “Please show me the pair with the best quality here.” I said. Then the boss brought me a well-packed paper-box. “This is the original manufactured product by Philips.”  The following task for us was to bargain. We asked the lowest price. “At lest 110 RMB!” “It is too expensive! Lower it a little!” Then I saw an usb hub in the counter and asked the boss to add it up. At last, we got them, the two products together, with 105 RMB.

The main characters of the type Philips Stereo PC Headset list as follows:

Good sound performance

Rotary microphone

In-line volume control

Lightweight design

I wish I’d like to use it happily when I talk with others on PC.


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