A Thorough Lab Cleanup Yesterday

Yesterday morning we at school went to our lab to attend in a short meeting. Our tutor announced a thorough cleaning today and several lectures and one symposium in the next three days. First of all, we should have the cleanup finished in the morning. After the meeting, we started to work.

The main object we were arranging yesterday was the balcony on the top of a three-floor part of the building. That was a large rectangle platform. We could decorate it by some materials including two blocks of carpet and the equipment of a tent. The two blocks of red carpet were dragged out from the corridor to the balcony. And we tried for several times to assemble the parts of the tent into a whole one. After we settled the whole frame of the tent, we put the canvas roof bound on the frame tightly. Then a beautiful tent was built up. One old table and several cane chairs were set up under the tent. In order to avoid the flowing-away of the tent, we embedded four foot screws in the hard cement ground.

The passageway to the balcony was also cleaned up and that would be a good place to have a meeting, a discussion, and even an outdoor barbecue.

In the afternoon, one of my good friends who are now working in Shanghai came to Hangzhou for a business trip called me to see. We talked about the current situation each other. He emphasized the importance of English speaking, writing and comprehensive reading ability, especially different accents and even some dialects of English spoken by the people in various countries. In the process of our long term study of English, we are all listening to the standard American and Britain English while some other informal accents are rarely listened to, let alone spoken out. So he thought it was an efficient method to find the people with informal accents to talk with, especially the Europeans. He could find the opportunity to contact these people and he had grasped it for use and tried his best to promote his own ability for entering a famous foreign enterprise is his well wish. He left Hangzhou after sitting in my dorm for about 2 hours.

How about it for me to strive? I might think about it for me, for my own future.


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