Getting In Touch With My Classmates

When using MSN, I find that there are not many people in MSN. While in QQ good friend list, there are many. But I rarely see them, especially some of my classmates. And many of them have not signed in for so long, for you can see their QQ ranks which show it obviously. The rank can represent one’s using time long or short. For me, I registered the account n umber in 2000. But after that time, I rarely use it and till now you can see my rank is still 10! They are with the same thing. So, of course, they have some other contact methods. Others? You may ask except QQthere are not many. The popular used one is MSN favored by the people who are working in the companies. So not long ago I began to use it and found many interesting functions of it. I won’t to say much about it here. One only example I should see here is that I mis-deleted the mobile phone number of one of my good friends while waiting on QQ for long, I had not seen the signing in of the QQ head icon only once, then when I signed in MSN only 3 times, I found the lighting of the MSN head icon!

But QQ is still an important tool to be connected with each other. I had not logged on my alumni records on and for long! Yesterday evening, I logged on these 2 records and updated my information. Although many of my classmates had also not come there for long, I was the striking one! I opened our undergraduate class address note on, finding some important messages, especially their QQ numbers in spite of a QQ group of our class without the whole information. I found a QQ number of my classmates and copied it into the search interface of QQ to join her into my good friend list. Fortunately, she replied in a hurry for she was on at that time. We chatted by speech through QQ speech engine. We were both glad to have the chance to talk on the net and asked about our recent situation each other. Of course, we talked about some other classmates and I mentioned the gathering of old classmates in 2006. So you can see that the stereo makes function at that condition and I must still continue to use QQ. Haha!

P.S: This noon when I came to the canteen to have lunch, there was a free presentation activity. That was the Nongfu Spring Company who presented one bottle of “Nongfu Orchard” to anyone who is the student of ZJU. I of course got it!


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