A 7 Days’ Holiday

A notice of holidays was put up on campus local area network (LAN) with the address of http://zupo.zju.edu.cn/redir.php?catalog_id=161&object_id=176932 on April 17th, 2008. The title was “Notice on doing a good job on duty of spring holiday and ‘May 1st’ International Labor Day”. In the notice, it said: ”According to the adjustment notice on 2008 national statutory holidays and school calendar adjustment arrangement of Zhejiang University 2007-2008 school year in spring and summer semesters, April 28th to May 4th are spring holiday and ‘May 1st’ International Labor Day holiday, among which May 1st is statutory holiday. It will be on duty and on class on April 26th (Saturday) and April 27th (Sunday) (making up lessons of Monday and Friday relatively).”

According to the notice, you know that there is still 7 days’ holiday this year while most of other universities only 3. Of course, it includes spring holiday which is a new statement I have never heard of before. It is said that summer holiday will be short on account of spring holiday. Although there are 7 days, it seems unmeaning to me. I have no other lessons except one and I have much time to deal with my own things. I have no other places to go for other classmates and friends, whether working in companies and schools or studying on campus, only have at most 3 days from May 1st to May 3rd. I have to wait for these 3 days if I want to go out for a long trip. How will I deal with the 7 days’ holiday? I have not thought it over and brought about a clear plan. I will see just when time comes to that day.

Last Sunday afternoon, my sister came here and brought with me to the commercial center of this city to seek bargains, concerning on some clothes and other little things. At last, we brought back a lot of things. With me, I owned two clothes, one white T-shirt with short sleeves and one black T-shirt with long ones.


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