What Is The Matter?

What is the matter? You can see the same message transferred in the groups of many IMs that CARREFOUR China has canceled promotions planned for the May Day holiday. The retailer previously said on its Website that it would launch sales promotions of up to 50 percent from May 1 to May 4 in its 112 mainland outlets. Why did it change the previous decision?

These days when you type the Chinese word “家乐福” in the search blanks of some search engines, such as Baidu.com and Google.cn, you can find no results. Just now I saw a page of news remark related to this on QQ news, but I only saw this page. The original news page has not existed. Of course, you all know the reason. I can say something about it here briefly.

According to the official statement, the cancellation was meant to express understanding, sincerity and respect for Chinese people’s feelings. Chinese Internet users have used BBS communities and cell phone messages to call for a boycott of Carrefour stores on May 1st. There were demonstrations outside some outlets earlier this week in cities including Beijing, Hefei, Kunming and Wuhan.

But Chinese people have some other thoughts. In the news remark, you can see some other expressions. No matter how you make any promotion, we do not go to their stores to buy anything. Our people should boycott reasonably and not make troublesome to our country. Tomorrow is May 1st, let’s see what will happen. Bless a peaceful holiday and a good result dealing with this event.


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