Bad Luck And Bad Expression To PC Mall

Several days ago I got a piece of PC Mall ads, which showed that it would fight for May 1st. The most attractive is that a crazy holiday rush would be acted on April 26th and May 1st. You can see that you can spend only little money purchasing many products, such as mouse pad, vacuum flask, loudspeaker, U disk, camera shooting head, microphone, computer desk, bicycle and mobile phone which is all 1 yuan cost for each. And you have even the chance to buy a digital camera or a desktop at a very low price. Seeing these offers, you might be moved.

After breakfast, I went to the shop very near to my dorm. That was 7:15 and saw not many people waiting there in line. I stood in the line waiting for about one hour. Among this period, four guys standing behind me, chatted there all along and went away at 8 when they found it still did not start. But after several minutes it began. One staff handed out one card to each person, with a pile of cards in his hands. We had two chances and got two cards. But unfortunately, both of the cards I got did not draw a prize which showed “Thanks to welcome”. I complained I always had a bad luck especially at the critical moment. And some of the people nearby also said we were cheated.

But of course, there were some people who really got the prize and received their award in front of anther table. I saw several vacuum flasks and microphones were taken away. A camera shooting head, a mobile phone and a computer desk were also taken away. I was disappointed and hated my bad luck and this gave me a bad expression to PC Mall. At last, I exchanged two cards to two pieces of plastic aprons and went away.


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