More Children Suffered From Lethal Virus

Several days ago I saw the news about a lethal virus spreading in Fuyang, Anhui Province. China‘s Ministry of Health today issued a report of hand-foot-mouth disease (HFMD). The potentially fatal intestinal virus known as EV-71 had infected 3,321 children in the city as of Friday, and the death toll had risen to 22. A total of 978 children remain in hospital, 48 of them in a critical condition. Experts from other provinces and MOH have been sent to the designated hospitals to help with the treatment.

Another several cities and areas in other parts of China have also reported cases of Enterovirus 71, such as Hangzhou City, Hubei Province, Hong Kong and Macao.

You can see why these cases of the outbreak also occur in Fuyang? Being a person of Anhui, I am depressed. Many parents worry about their children whether there are any methods to control the disease. China is so large and is called to rescue our pathetic children. Why does it take others unveiling the cases each time? Why is there always sacrifice exchanging the awakening each time? And how much imperfectness is there going to be rewritten by life to the end? We should all deeply think about these problems.


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  1. 第一次来你这里,很喜欢你相册里的植物照片,我自己在家也养了一些植物,很有意思:)提个小建议:计数器能不能弄成静止的,这样不容易妨碍阅读博问。

  2. @Love Jill
    Thanks to my space and giving me a good suggustion.
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