Public Bicycles Riding On The Road In Hangzhou

It is said that bicycle rent near the West Lake has not been allowed and many folding bicycles used to be rent have to be dealt with. Those small retailers prefer to sell the bikes to visitors by themselves rather than let the government retrieve them. The price of the local government is said to be about 100 yuan each. And then all these bicycles should be donated to some schools located in the poor areas nearby. The local government has put out one service of bus bicycle for free which is managed by the Hangzhou Public Transportation Company. These bicycles have been in use in some urban districts since May 1st.



These cheap rental bikes are the ones with red baskets at the front and red front and rear mud guards. A piece of advertising phrase ”爱护环境 绿色出行” written on the wheels, ”爱护公物 安全骑行” written on the front basket. It is also supplied with a delicate lock.

Not a great looking machine, but a good idea to reduce dependence on other overpriced bike rentals and taxis around the West Lake area.

Take your lawful certificate such as ID card or passport, then pay 300 yuan at least (200 as the deposit and 100 as pre-paid rental fee, so if the balance is close to 200, please deposit some money into your account) to get a Public Bike Rental Card. If the money in your e-pocket of the IC card remains more than 200 yuan, you can rent directly with your IC card. With the Rental Card, you could rent and return your bike very conveniently.

Free for the 1st 1 hour. If you use the bus IC card and take the bus in the 90 minutes before renting, the free time might be 90 minutes.

1 yuan as rental fee, – within 2 hours

2 yuan – within 3 hours

3 yuan/hour charged if you use more than 3 hours

The 11 rental spots around the West Lake scenic area:

1. Jiuxi (Nine creeks) Bus Station 九溪公交站

2. Hangzhou Zoo Bus Station 杭州动物园车站

3. South end of the Su Causeway 苏堤南口

4. Changqiao (long Bridge) Park 长桥公园

5. Liu Lang Wen Ying (Orioles Singing in the Willows) Park 柳浪闻莺公园

6. Shaoniangong (Teenager’s activity center) Park. 少年宫

7. Pin Hu Qiu Yue (Autumn Moon over the Calm Lake) 平湖秋月

8. Yuefei’s Temple 岳庙

9. Hangzhou Flower Nursey 杭州花圃

10. West Gate of the Hua Gang (Flower Pond) 花港观鱼西门

11. Lingyin Temple Bus Station 灵隐车站.

Service telephone numbers: 

Hot line for 24 hours: 0571-85331122

For complaint and supervision: 0571-85191122

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