Staying In Xuzhou For 3 Days

Sorry to write something here too late. I should have gone to Xuzhou during May 1st holiday. But I could not buy a train ticket with a seat. So I have to wait for a period of time and after holiday, I bought a ticket with a seat. Then I got on the train seating for more than 14 hours and at about 5 the next morning I arrived at Xuzhou railway station. After I went out of the train, I felt a little cold. The temperature was not high as that of the day I left and there was a great temperature difference between the two days. Fortunately, I wore a T-shirt with long sleeves. And during the days I was staying in Xuzhou, it was always cool and I felt comfortable.

After buying the back tracking ticket, I went to the bus platform and waited for the 36th Road Bus. One hour later, I got to the school my old friend was working in. Because I stayed up all night on the train, after having the breakfast, I had an all day sleep. In fact, I had only two days to visit the new campus and communicate with friends and students.

Last Saturday, I mainly visited the South Lake campus of CUMT, having taken some photos there. Two years ago, I went there for the first time. But I only stayed for a short time and the new campus had not been built completely. The library is the symbolic building of the campus with a special rounding shape and a bell tower towering aloft on the side of the library. I took several photos there, mainly including the building and some other teaching buildings around. The scene there is beautiful with a large artificial lake by the library and the water is clear, waving with the blowing of a breeze on the surface. And there are several bridges connecting the library and some teaching buildings. You can see some of the photos in my photo album with the name “2008年5月徐州行(矿大南湖校区)”.

In the photos, you can see three main buildings I had taken. They are the office buildings of School of Information and Electrical Engineering and School of Mechatronic Engineering and the administrative building by the main gate of the campus. And you can also see a photo with many bicycles. If you are a student of CUMT, these bicycles are free for use for you. But I also had an opportunity to ride the bicycle around the campus that day! The bicycle was easy to ride and I felt comfortable when riding on it. Some other photos were taken at the main gate of the campus. One photo showed the great events during the past 100 years of CUMT.

And on last Sunday, I went to Wenchang campus of CUMT, where all the graduate students are studying and living. I met several fellow-townsmen and previous students who are now all graduate students in CUMT there. I was very glad to meet them since two years ago in May 2006. We talked about their recent situation of study and life. They will all graduate from college in 2009 and they are now busy preparing their graduation paper. They also said something about their future plan in the next step of job seeking.

After 3 days’ staying in Xuzhou, I went back to Hanghou by train. I took the N457 train on Monday morning. When I was still on the train, a horrible earthquake jolted southwest China‘s Sichuan Province at 14:28 with Wenchuan as epicenter. I knew the news from a crew member on the train at about 19:00 that day. He showed me one mobile news message and when he telephoned to Sichuan, he could not connect the line. The communication to the outside there was shut down completely. The detailed information about this earthquake will be described in some other following entries.


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