Three Hand Gestures To Express Support For The Victims Of The Earthquake

On Saturday evening, a gathering was held involving the 208 torchbearers and 52 bodyguards for the Hangzhou leg of the Olympic torch relay. At the meeting, the torchbearers discussed the idea of using hand gestures and body language to express support for the victims of the recent earthquake that hit southwest China. A guide was created here, involving three gestures that can be used to symbolize solidarity and love. The following is the text of the guide:


Hand gesture 1: one-handed fist



Handshake 2: palm to palm



Handshake three: tight handshake

(The content of the entry is from the news on the official website of the 29th Olympic Games: “火炬手杭州倡议:用三手势让爱心与圣火一起传递”.)


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