Chinese Nation With A Remarkable Spirit And Strong Will

To premier Wen Jiabao, who slipped and fell and refused medical treatment, and from the very beginning directed the rescue effort from the ground. Comforting people from the young orphaned children to older people scared by the massive earthquake and aftershocks. To all the rescuers and volunteers who continue to amaze me.

Many other Chinese and the overseas Chinese, who feel helpless far away, but organize to send aid in the form of cash donations to help heir beloved ancestral homeland.

To CCTV news channel, Phoenix Info and the QQ news website ( that provide me with up to date news about what’s happening in the quake hit regions. Those reporters are fantastic! That’s the kind of news reporting all the people want to know.

My heart is filled with sorrow for the so many dead and for their relatives. But we love you all. All my dearest people who lost their lives, may you rest in peace and all your relatives may pray for you. We’ll live better for you, all of the people who are alive. Whatever it happens, whatever tragedy we are suffering, there are 13 billion people who shall partake side by side.

Chinese nation is a powerful nation with a strong will. Chinese people can overcome this difficulty. After such a disaster, Chinese have gotten more reality than ever. With all the sweat, tears, blood and corpses, everyone has shed much tears over the people who died. This disaster caused people to either collapse or stand firm, made a person even stronger and with a more determined will.

As a Chinese myself, I shall mourn for the people who died with much suddenness. And for the people who are missing, to find their home fast. And for the victims or spectators or the ones being rescued, I thank God for giving you another chance in life.


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