Frogs Gathering Occurring Frequently After Wenchuan Earthquake Recently

On May 5th, many Chinese locals noticed thousands of frogs on the move in Mianzhu, Sichuan Province. They were seen traveling without fear of traffic as they crossed streets in mass floods. Maybe the next great earthquake was predicted by the incredible movement of frogs that was noted by the public as a bad omen. The government told the people that the idea was silly and that it was just the frog’s natural migration (across major roads that had not seen this kind of frog travel previously) for mating. There was so much for "migration for propagation".

But the great earthquake really happened just after a few days near the place. Many people are now calling the Chinese Earthquake Test Centers "useless", as they were unable to even detect the earthquake before it happened. When they finally announced the earthquake had occurred, it was 12 minutes after the disaster, and 2 minutes after the US had announced a large earthquake in China.

After the earthquake, frogs gathering occurred frequently recently. You can see some news reports about that from many news media. I see some of them from QQ news reports and I can list them as follows. In some places of China, like Bazhong District, Sichuan Province (地震局:巴中青蛙聚集属震后效应), Lianjiang County, Fujian Province (地震局:福建蟾蜍聚集上路与地震前兆无关), Shenzhen, Guangdong Province (深圳街边出现大量蟾蜍 地震局电话被打爆), Pengshui County, Chongqing (专家称重庆彭水蟾蜍异动与地震无因果关系) and Pingyang County, Zhejiang Province (浙江平阳发现青蛙聚集 专家称与地震前兆无关), you can see many frogs were gathering around some specific places. While the experts declared each time that this phenomenon had nothing to do with earthquake and calmed fear among the people.

But I feel that even it is not a warning sign of an earthquake, it is not a good thing and might be an omen of some other natural disasters, especially when it comes to the flood season of the Yellow River and the Changjiang River. We should be cautious about all the relative signals. As for the Frogs and their omen, Chinese scientists stated animals have much better sense than human on detecting the natural disasters like this.

You can see something about the prediction of natural disasters in detail as follows.

Some studies before have provided a rare opportunity to see the effect of natural disasters on a species’ population and its findings are significant for the future. With climate change happening faster than most predicted, natural disasters—flooding, drought, intense storms and change in precipitation—are believed to occur with increasing regularity. With this greater unpredictability of the climate, such studies are incredibly valuable, especially for animals like amphibians which have proven very vulnerable in the past decade.

Even with all of our scientific methods of testing this just goes to show we still don’t know enough to tell when horrible tragedies like this earthquake will occur. But animals do. Or apparently they have some idea. Maybe we can prevent all the deaths next time by watching out for weird things like this. Or maybe will we evacuate a whole area and nothing bad will happen at all.


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