Free Web Phone Software With Good Tone Quality

Today I saw an introduction about a kind of free web phone software on the website of “一款绝对免费的音质最好的网络电话软件”. Then I use it and feel well. So I write a short story about it here. Shutter is a kind of free web phone software which can be dialed to fixed telephone, mobile and PHS phone on the web. It has good tone quality like mobile to phone. You can open the software on the web to get accumulate points which can be exchanged to free call time. If you can be on the web for the whole day, you can get the points of 100 which equal to free call time of 18 minutes. Of course, I don’t hope you do like this.

Free registering

Updated software downloading

The rule on the exchange of accumulate points to call fee is as follows: 50 points=8 minutes, 100 points=18 minutes, 150 points=28 minutes, 300 points=58 minutes! There are two ways to register: one is mobile and the other is mailbox. In order to be safe, I recommend you should register with your mailbox.

The first step is that opening the website: And then register an account (it is absolutely free) with your mailbox. Then a confirm letter will be mailed to your registered mailbox and you can activate it.

The second step is that you should download the loading program of shutter.exe at the following site:

The third step is to load it and after loading, you can see an icon of Shutter on desktop. You can double click it and import your registered mailbox and password. If mobile mentioned, you can ignore it and now you can make a call by it. That is terrific and you can first call home to send a message to your relatives.


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