Earthquake Changes People’s Attitude Toward Life

Overwhelmed by media coverage of the deadly quake that hit Sichuan province on May 12th, many people surveyed said that earthquake had changed their attitude toward life.

The poll, conducted by newspaper China Youth Daily and news portal, showed that 88 percent of the 4,309 people surveyed thought that the quake had "changed" their lives.

82.1 percent of those polled chose to "cherish life more and create more value for society" after the quake. And 77.9 percent of those polled chose to “will spend more time with relatives and friends”.

"I realized that safety and health are the most precious things in life," one of the people surveyed said.

"Life is too fragile," many people said in their own mind.

Close to 29 percent of those polled in the recent survey shared the above new view of life: Life is short and hard, so it should be enjoyed more.

The results of the survey come amid changing attitudes in society over how the younger generation in the country is being perceived in the aftermath of the quake.

Those born in the 1980s and 1990s, for example, have been labeled as spoiled, criticized for lacking care for others and said to be too focused on themselves.

But many have seen a large number of young people contributing to relief efforts for quake victims. Media reports tell of parents, along with the whole country, being pleasantly surprised to see so many youngsters maturing quickly in the disaster.

Still, all the respondents agreed on one thing after the quake – the need to cherish things.

You can see the more detailed information from the website: “调查显示:88%公众认为地震改变了自己的生活”.


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