The ABC Of Human Figures Photography (Introduction)

Excuse me, would you please help us take a photo?” When you turn your head, a pair of lovers looks at you eagerly, with a camera stretching in front of you. Of course, you can not refuse such request and reach out for the camera……

I do not know how many times you might meet such scene when you are out. I have met for many times. For a photographer, human figure is one of the most popular materials of photography. In fact, general users usually take photos of human figures. On one’s hobby, someone might not like to take human figures, feeling there should be no concern about it. But it is impossible to avoid human figures photography. You should deal with those strangers who want your help except for taking some living and traveling photos of your relatives and friends, thinking that what a shameful thing when you take some bad photos under the earnest wish while you are loading a pile of equipment. So no matter from any aspect, you should grasp the elementary knowledge of human figures photography if you own a camera.

The following paper tries to express some basic concepts to help you grasp some basic points of human figures photography. You should pay attention that this paper is referring to the beginners. We hope to help avoid most aspects resulting failure. But if you want to take real excellent photos, it depends on your own hard work.

The whole complete paper is written by Chinese and the above introduction is only the preface of the paper. If you want to see the complete paper, you can click the following link “The ABC of human figures photography (人像摄影入门)” to download the doc file.


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