Scheduling T-shirts On

Year 2008 and this is the summer time.

CC98 welcomes its 5th anniversary and it becomes to bring us new anniversary T-shirts.

Hoping you can remember all the days and nights accompanied with 98 and hoping you can leave many kinds of thoughts this year by the light T-shirts.

The T-shirt this year weighs 200 grams each. On design style, it still divides into two versions: standard version and commemorative version.

The following pictures are the design effective pictures. I prefer the standard version for it’s simple. I missed the first schedule and now it begins the second one. This time we can schedule the T-shirts on the web and after we receive them, we can pay which means cash on delivery. And at about the end of this term, we can receive them.


Standard version


Commemorative version for boys


Commemorative version for girls



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