The Dragon Boat Festival I Carry Best Wishes To All Of You Here

Dear friends:

It comes The Dragon Boat Festival, and the holiday has come. Don’t forget to award yourself! 又逢端午,粽香千里,龙舟竞渡。农历五月初五,是中华民族古老的传统节日——端午节。

A lot of bloggers here and I wish you a serene smiling and exciting holiday! 在此,祝广大朋友过一个和和美美的端午,品一份真真实实的香甜。

Let us cherish the memory of Quyuan, a great patriotic poet, whose sprit has continuously inspired Chinese to strive for China’s rejuvenation and rise for thousands of years. While at this time, let us hold a memorial ceremony for more than 60,000 people who were dead in the earthquake. Among them, there are parents who rescued their children with the sacrifice of themselves, teachers who protected the students without reserving their lives and innumerable relatives and our compatriots. 端午佳节,让我们共同缅怀伟大爱国诗人屈原,数千年来,他的精神不断激励着国人为中华民族的振兴和崛起而奋斗。而此刻,也让我们共同祭念四川6万多地震遇难者,他们有舍身救子的母亲,有舍身护学生的教师,还有数不尽的亲人同胞。

Let us commonly make a vow wishing the compatriots in earthquake-hit Sichuan areas happy on The Dragon Boat Festival, safe and healthy and happy with their families. 让我们共同许愿,祝福四川震灾区的同胞们端午快乐、平安健康、阖家幸福!

Let us commonly hand in hand and strongly unite as a fortress. Make sure that the future of our country is more beautiful! 让我们共同携手,众志成城,坚信我们的祖国明天会更好!

At last, I carry best wishes to all of you here with a healthy body and good luck in everything! 最后,再次祝大家身体健康、万事如意!

(The following flash comes from 163 blog: Thanks to 163 blog Xiaoguan!)


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