Keeping Proper Sleep Duration, Keeping Good Figure

保证睡眠时间 保持好身材

One study published by Canadian sleeping experts provides evidence that both short and long sleeping times predict an increased risk of future body weight and fat gain in adults. Hence, these results emphasize the need to add sleep duration to the panel of determinants that contribute to weight gain and obesity. 加拿大睡眠专家公布的一项研究结果显示,人们把每天睡眠时间控制在七八个小时,最有利于保持身材。睡眠不足6小时或超过8小时可能导致肥胖。

The research is reported on one medical journal “Sleep” published on April 1st. 研究报告发表在41日出版的医学杂志《睡眠》上。

The title of the report is “The Association Between Sleep Duration and Weight Gain in Adults: A 6-Year Prospective Study from the Quebec Family Study” and you can go to Journal Sleep website to see the outline of this report with the following address:

Two hundred seventy-six adults aged 21 to 64 years from the Quebec Family Study. More than half of the sample is drawn from families with at least 1 parent and 1 offspring with a body mass index of 32 kg/m2 or higher. 这项研究由加拿大魁北克的拉瓦尔大学研究人员展开。他们选取276名年龄介于21岁至64岁之间,性别、体质指数不同的实验对象,对这些人睡眠和体质状况进行调查。体质指数是一种借用多种指标来确定超重或肥胖与否的测量标准。

Body composition measurements and self-reported sleep duration were determined. Changes in adiposity indices were compared between short- (5-6 hours), average- (7-8 hours), and long- (9-10 hours) duration sleeper groups. After adjustment for age, sex, and baseline body mass index, short-duration sleepers gained 1.98 kg (95% confidence interval: 1.16-2.82) more and long-duration sleepers gained 1.58 kg (95% CI: 1.02-2.56) more than did average duration sleepers over 6 years. 研究结果表明,7-8个小时为适量睡眠时间。研究人员发现,在6年时间里,受调查者中睡眠不足7小时的人比睡眠适量者体重多增加约1.98千克,而那些睡眠过量的人体重多增加约1.58千克。

Short- and long-duration sleepers were 35% and 25% more likely to experience a 5-kg weight gain, respectively, as compared with average-duration sleepers over 6 years. The risk of developing obesity was elevated for short- and long-duration sleepers as compared with average-duration sleepers, with 27% and 21% increases in risk, respectively. 他们还发现,睡眠不足者和睡眠过量者6年中比睡眠适量者体重多增加5公斤的可能性分别大35%25%,发展成肥胖的危险性分别高27%21%

But experts also say that many evidences show that if sleep duration is less than 5 hours, it might result in obesity. But the changing speed is too slow to be many years. 但是专家们也表示,不少证据表明,每晚睡眠时间不足5小时,可能导致体重增加,但其变化速度非常缓慢,需要好几年。

Experts also suggest that whether it is working time or weekend, it can help promote the sleep quality when getting up or going to bed on time. Besides, taking a bath or reading before sleep can loosen your body and mind and making you have a good sleep. 专家们还建议人们无论工作日还是周末,每天按时起床、睡觉,这有助于提高睡眠质量。除此之外,睡前泡个澡或读读书,能放松身心,让你睡个好觉。

Other sleeping experts suggest that do not watch TV on the bed. You’d better do not taste such stimulating subjects as alcohol, caffeine and chocolate. People should not activate in the night. If you really feel unsleeping, you can get up to do such relaxing activities as reading and do not go to bed until you feel sleepy. 还有睡眠专家建议,不要在床上看电视,最好不沾酒精、咖啡因、巧克力等刺激性物质。人们也不宜在晚上运动。如果感到难以入睡,最好起床做些像读书这类放松的活动,直到感到睡意再上床睡觉。


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