Games Will Make The World Well Know China

The Olympic Games will help Beijing become a world-class city and reduce foreigners’ misconceptions about China. I agree with this thought very much and I also think many people outside China don’t know about China or its development, and they have many misconceptions. So the Games provides a good opportunity to communicate and makes the world well know China.

We all know that in order to hold the Games, Beijing and China have made great efforts in many aspects. When the Games is coming, Beijing will let people all over the world see a totally new Beijing and make a great expression to them. When you are standing in front of the National Stadium, or "Bird’s Nest," you will exclaim the great changes with admiration.

Then we can see the past two Games—the 2000 Sydney and the 2004 Athens Olympics to illustrate how the Games had changed the host cities and their countries.

In 2000, people around the world saw a modern economy in Sydney and other parts of Australia, and the Olympics had brought about huge influence to both the host city and Australia.

By hosting the 2004 Olympics, Athens, the ancient city, upgraded its infrastructure very fast and had become a world-class city and a hot tourist destination.

As for Beijing, the city had already undergone a sea change over the past several years and the hosting of the Olympics would certainly bring about more changes.

Today’s Beijing is much greener than it used to be and the living environment has improved significantly, although the weather there is not very good till now. But we could not deny the preparatory work for the Olympic Games had remarkably made Beijing a modern city, even a world-class city.

China has a long history and culture which should be shown to the whole world in a deeper level. The Games will draw such large numbers of foreign visitors that it will have a great opportunity to show China to visitors and tourists, which would help reduce foreigners’ misconceptions about China.


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