The Puzzles In TV Series “Puzzle” (1)

One Japanese TV series named “パズル” (in English “Puzzle”) is broadcasting on テレビ朝日 one piece a week since April 18, 2008. In each piece, there are one or more puzzles. The female leading role 鮎川美沙子 and other three clever students 今村真一, 神崎明 and 塚本善雄 who are all 18 years old all solve these puzzles together. Now I want to list some words puzzles here and give an analysis according to the development of the plot. I will first list some as follows in episode one.

Here is the puzzle of the first password of where the golden kettle: three short English sentences.

I were no way. You can no walk. She kill really.

You can first translate these sentences into Roman characters: “i wa no ue. you kan no woku. shi kiriari.” In Japanese, these mean “There is separator in the villa on the top of the rock.

The second password is written on three wooden lathes in Japanese. Here is the translation in English:

The loop is hidden in the pool. The net is hidden at ten places. Where is the pot hidden?

You can then translate these sentences into Roman characters: za ru-pu izuhidoin pu-ru. zane hidoiha tempura. But it might be wrong. Then you can make an analysis of the relation of these words. You can spell the word Loop into Pool conversely. And you can spell the word Net into Ten conversely. Of course you can spell the word Pot into Top conversely. Then the last password typed on the wall of the top of the cave is a series of numbers corresponding Japanese 「五十音図」. The final translation meaning is: The golden pot, a cherished part of our tradition, had been sold to the creditor 5 years ago. The real cherished part of our tradition is just hidden in your mind.

To be continued


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