The Puzzles In TV Series “Puzzle” (2)

One Japanese TV series named “パズル” (in English “Puzzle”) is broadcasting on テレビ朝日 one piece a week since April 18, 2008. In each piece, there are one or more puzzles. The female leading role 鮎川美沙子 and other three clever students 今村真一, 神崎明 and 塚本善雄 who are all 18 years old all solve these puzzles together. Now I want to list some words puzzles here and give an analysis according to the development of the plot. I will list some as follows in episode three.

On the preliminary contest of one detective competition whose purpose was to find out who is the best excellent detective in Japan, there were two questions mentioned. Let’s look at these two questions.

The first one is: One king built a giant tower, 1,000 meters high, on the city wall in order to see every corner of his king land. But there was still one corner he could not see on the tower. Where was the corner?

Here is the answer: In the giant tower.

The other one is: Here are six cups. You should only move one cup to replace the cups full with water and empty alternately. The sequence of the six cups left to right is full of water (Y), empty (N), Y, N, Y, Y.

Do you know the answer? The teacher responded quickly and took the cup at very right and drank the water in it.

To be continued


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