The Puzzles In TV Series “Puzzle” (6)

One Japanese TV series named “パズル” (in English “Puzzle”) is broadcasting on テレビ朝日 one piece a week since April 18, 2008. In each piece, there are one or more puzzles. The female leading role 鮎川美沙子 and other three clever students 今村真一, 神崎明 and 塚本善雄 who are all 18 years old all solve these puzzles together. Now I want to list some words puzzles here and give an analysis according to the development of the plot. I will list some as follows in episode nine.

In this piece, the story told us a “数数” song and treasure exploring conference in eating ghost village. The hosts were good at English and in their speech there were many words or sentences spoken in English. So, when the two “数数” songs were published to all, the teacher firstly thought there must be some secrets in these songs expressed by English. Now I write the two songs here.

What the first song meant is that the mouse of the village head said, the first was a guy with Guaipi character in the box and mouse stuck with poison arrow. Do you know the password then?

Let’s analyze the above sentences. You can see that mouse was in the box. What is the thing with both mouse and box? Of course, it is computer. There were two computers not very far. But if you wanted to see the next picture, you should input a password with 8 bits. What was the password? You can continue to see the next phrases in the above sentence that mouse was shot with poisonous arrow. You can express this meaning by a vivid way that the teacher thought was “-mouse->”. That was the correct answer. Then the screen showed the place of the first piece of treasure. And of course, this song was also the way the first man who was killed in the storeroom.

Then they found the place and found the second “数数” song which meant that the frog of the village head said, the second was in the horrible water and drank its fill and turned over. This song was the way the second man who was killed under the waterfall.

And actually, there was the third “数数” song which meant that the scaleph of the village head said, the third was on the bridge found and scaleph revolved and fallen down the bridge. This song was the way the third man who was killed in the water under the bridge.

But at the end of this piece, the teacher found that there was actually treasure existed. She said that we did not sing the three songs from the first to the third but from the third to the first. Scaleph which was revolved and fallen down the bridge means that it represents the well. Frog which was drank its fill and turned over means that it refers to water in the well. Mouse which was in the box and stuck with poison arrow means that there is a box in the water. While this well was just near the waterfall. And there was really a box under the well and when the box was lifted to the ground and opened, there was only a picture scroll in it. That was the important lesson left to the descendants writtenIn Chinese translation:



去私 正直做人

結局圓滿 一切圓滿



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