The Puzzle Of The Gold Tale In One Japanese TV Series

One Japanese TV series SP named “古畑中学生” was broadcasting on Fuji TV on June 14, 2008. Now at first I give a brief introduction of this SP series in Japanese and the Chinese translation.



Here I will make an analysis of the event of finding the gold in detail. In order to find where the gold was buried, let’s look at the password of it. There were some sentences written in Japanese. Here I show them in the translation of English and Chinese.

The full moon is above the helmet. 头盔映着满月。

When the hidden light is recovered, 隐藏的光复苏之时,

And the place of the shadow of old man moves, 老翁的影子所行之处,

It is in front of the place where it and the sight of the god intersect.与神目光交汇的前方。

If we think the helmet as the symbol of the Dragon Boat Festival, that is the day of May with full moon. But that is the day of old style calendar in the period of the end of Shogunate. In the whole night, the moon might disappear and then it reappears. Because of the time when the moon moves to the back of the mountain, it disappears and after 30 minutes it reappears. The old man here might refer to the old tree with more than 100 years in that village. That is a tree named “Laoye cedar” which is seen as the patron saint by the villagers.

After the above analysis, those sentences mean that it is in the night of May with full moon, and when the moon covered by the mountain reappears, and is the place the shadow of “Laoye cedar” refers to. But the old tree located in that campus is not there and it was broken by the thunder in the fighting period. But the height of the original tree is not known. From a graduation album in the 18th year in Showa period (Year 1943), we could see that old tree and at the back of the tree, there was that teaching building. So that is the interesting calculation as follows.

From that photo, we could know the teaching building is 1.7cm high, and the distance from the campus to the ground of the building is 1.6cm, and “Laoye cedar” is 4.6cm high. From the drawing sheet of the building, that is 22.4m high plus the basement. Then we could calculate the real height of the tree at that time. But we should consider the growing of the tree within the period from the ending time of Shogunate to year Showa 18. That is about 80 years. At that time, the tree was about 600 years old and it might not grow higher and we could ignore it. Then the real height of the tree is about 31.2m. Do you know how to calculate out this result?

Finding a pole and measure the length of it with 3.20m and the stub 21cm, and then add them two to 3.41m. Then when the moon reappears from the back of the mountain, put the pole standing on the stub of the tree, and measure the length of the shadow of the pole with 4.70m. Here is another calculation. When the length of the shadow of the subject with 3.41m is 4.70m, then how long is the shadow of the subject with 31.2m? That is about 43m. And then do you know how to calculate out this result?

Then we could find the place in the direction of the shadow away from the stub about 43m. Near the stub there was a stone tablet with a hole on the upper part of it. That was the bullet mark in WuChen War (at about 1868) before the ending period of Shogunate which is the eye of the god. Standing at that place and looking at the hole, it means that looking through the hole and the place of the gold is in front of the hole. That is a log cabin!


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