Say Something About This Trip

Let’s say something about this trip to Beijing. The main aim is to know the condition there of the prospect of our major of job seeking there. For this year the condition is better than that in Shanghai. The classmates and friends in Beijing have asked me and managed this. I have not gone there before. To prepare this trip, I connected with whoever I knew now in Beijing. And at last, I am very glad to find the result! Out of my imagination, not too less people are in Beijing. Some of my senor middle school classmates are also found then. I have not seen them for more than 10 years! When connected, they were so surprised but be very kind.

And I go to Beijing in advance mainly to understand the condition of job seeking there. And most of my classmates there are working for about 4 years and they can help me concern that in Beijing. So I mean this might be a meaningful trip. Of course, but an ideal one is much difficult. So you should do some preparation in advance.

My friends in Beijing said that the first subway between city to city from Beijing to Tianjin will be open at 1st, August. And it will take only half an hour from Beijing to Tianjin. If I have time, I will have a try.

And only one I can find is still at college like me. So I have said to him to see me at Beijing Railway Station when I come there. Because the day when I get to Beijing is not at the weekend, only he has the time. While many others will be at work and only after work, I can see them and have a little party to chat the old things and memories.

Why only you two are still at college, while others are working?

That classmate is the one in my graduate study and he is still at college in the fourth year. And about me, you know I have worked for 3 years after my graduate study. When in Shanghai, I have arranged the main 2 days of this weekend. But in Beijing, I would not plan anything in advance for I know nothing about the sights and some others of Beijing.

Will you go to see the Olympics?

No, I will leave Beijing before the start of the games. Just in the few days before the games, there will be too many people in Beijing and the traffic will be too crowded. Too many people will rush into Beijing by train, car, plane and other transportation tools. But the trains leaving away from Beijing might be so empty. That is why I will leave before the start of the games.

(All the above passages are from the chat with some others on QQ and MSN.)


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