The Topic About My Nickname “Summersnow”

I mean the nickname “summersnow” is funny! But for me, there is something complex. I must retrospect to the time when I was in my graduate study.

Yes, let me continue….one of my roommates was the first time to use QQ when he would graduate and the first nickname of his QQ was "秋雪"Then we could imagine this nickname and thought out some other names. He said that that nickname was very welcomed esp. by many girls. He was a so welcomed person on QQ and then many girls added him to be friends. In fact, there is also an important reason, and please allow me to speak in Chinese: 雪在夏天是不可能出现的,所以夏雪真的是奇迹!

And then we thought out some other names such as "夏雪", "春雪" and the English names "summersnow", "fallsnow" and "springsnow". And at that time, I had two QQ accounts and the nickname of another one was "fallsnow". But now I lost that account! Oh! That is an account that not any other people knew. So lost is only lost.


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