This Trip To Beijing

While in the summer holiday, I went to several places and have got a lot of feeling experience. I went to several places to have a visit. Last month I went to Shanghai and Beijing and Hefei and then went back home.

I was in Beijing for a week and that was the first time for me there. But the main purpose of the trip was to see the senior-middle school classmates who are working in Beijing now for we have not seen since after middle school in 1996 and then I went back home for about 3 weeks and then went back school.

During the days in Beijing, I was living with one good friend who is working in Beijing and one student in CUMT before. While there was only one weekend during the period, I had only two days getting together with my classmates. In other days, I had to go to some places by myself and went to see some others after their job in the daytime. I went to Beijing Botanical Garden and Xiangshan Garden to see many varied plants and got a visit to CaoXueqin Museum in Botanical Garden. I of course went to Tian’anmen Square to see Chairman Mao’s Memorial Hall which is free to open. And the National Theatre is also located on Xi Chang’anjie Road not far away from Tian’anmen Square which is a round and modern building. I also went to Niaochao and Shuilifang in Olympic Village. But when I went there on Beichen Road, the nearby area was in state of siege while the 29th Olympic Games would be held not long later.

I went to Beijing mainly saw my senior-middle school classmates in the weekend. And in the whole two days I met with the classmates who were in Beijing in Qinghua Garden where one of them was working there. Of course I took a visit to Qinghua campus and especially visited the student building where Chairmen Hu Jintao had lived when he was studying in Qinghua University. After that weekend, all of them went back to their job again and that was still my time to leave. In the next evening, I took on the train to Hefei where I stayed for 3 days.


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