Encountering “Soft MLM”

I have told you a special experience happened to me just a few days ago! During this summer holiday, I went to several places to have a visit. Last month I went to Shanghai and Beijing and Hefei and then went back home. And then I went back home for about 3 weeks and then went back school.

After that I went to Huzhou for one day and on August 20, I went to Baoji, starting my special trip, a horrible trip experiencing the activity of MLM!!! I stayed there only 2 days and went back on 23rd. And then it might be difficult for me to express what I have encountered there in English. I am so sorry to say that and have to write the process briefly.

There are now more than 200,000 to 300,000 people in Baoji who are doing this. And there are several hundreds of classes there. I did not know that. I still felt that might be SLM then. I called the experience "soft MLM", in Chinese "温情传销". It was so hard for me to see whether it was SLM or MLM. But I feel that SLM means single level marketing which is in the area of the law of <Management Regulations for SLM>, in Chinese "直销".

I was not sure until yesterday I searched on the net and ensured that is really MLM. I was deceived to go there by a lie. But I felt it was a little interesting for the feelings to me were always the soft feelings. Just because of the soft feelings, I had the full choice right and personal freedom. I mean soft feelings in Chinese "温情策略". During the 2 days in Baoji, I lived with them, eating the big pot and sleeping on the floor together with more than ten people. So it is really really special experience. While the condition was so poor, they felt happy and united and friendly, just like a big family. They have one common dream! But I could not imagine they were doing MLM!!

I just went there because I would go to Honghegu, but that was not possible when I saw that situation and then I went back only 2 days later. I always felt that was SLM and I felt I could not do it well and I had no ability and I just said to them like this. So I escaped with scare but no danger, in Chinese "有惊无险".

I listened to only 2 classes and I can give you a link who wrote the experience with the content of the class just like what I had heard. http://blog.gxnews.com.cn/u/24428/a/137717.html

The person who cheated me there is only one friend we only had one look on the train. You can see how brave I have the decision to go there so far away only with myself! When I went to the railway station, there was only 5 minutes left! At last I caught the train and left the place where one is apt to get into trouble.

After hearing my horrible trip to Baoji, what do you have the idea of my experience then?


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