Attending An Activity Of Defending Right

I mentioned I have sent a letter of complaint to the business department of China Unicom and actually many students who have such cards have sent letters too. Then the faculties in Beijing latter telephoned back and found out the detailed situation and quickly fed back to Zhejiang and Hangzhou China Unicom to deal with this thing properly.

But many students who have complained received custom telephone 057110010 and custom services wanted to persuade them one by one personally. Of course we do not agree with what they gave us. Recently the discussion of this topic had occupied 88 Mobile layouts. So we built a QQ group with the number 70359254 to discuss this activity. And now more than 80 members join in this group. And we have drawn up a rough scheme how to deal with this event. Here are the main points of our request.

1.      China Unicom must compensate for our losses or let us change another set meals if he do not want to see these cards appeared.

2.      Admission of the fact of these cards without preconditions and make a valid contract with each one of us.

3.      Make a document with each one of us with month fee (including displaying calls fee) free for at least 5 years and fill 200 Yuan to the account of everyone.

4.      We resort to law and media.

5.      If we lose the lawsuit, we will publish all the pictures and materials of this event to every influential BBS and forums and the attitudes China Unicom dealt with in whole event and some relative records as well. All the consequences should be accepted by China Unicom.

We also set a time line of the end of this month to this event. And now we are waiting for the result of China Unicom and inform more students call to 10010 to complain.


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