Opening Chinese Yahoo E-mail POP Function Free 中文雅虎电邮也可以免费开通POP功能!

I like to use E-mail boxes with a custom client as Outlook Express. Though I have two Yahoo E-mail boxes, I have never used them before. But I would likely use them because I find a way how to open Yahoo E-mail POP function free. Now I am telling how to do.

Firstly, you should log onto your E-mail account. Copy the following address to your browser address blanket and press Enter key to open a new page. Pay attention that you should change the part “username” to your own username.

Such as:





Then you can see the new page with Chinese words as the following picture shows.



You must choose “” and press the “确认” button at the bottom of this page to continue and you can see a new page as follows.


Then you should choose “网上阅读邮件和POP功能” and press “提交” button to continue. At last, you can see the final page telling you how to configure the custom client to receive and send letters with your Yahoo account.



Here you should pay attention to the smtp server address. The given address is with no use. You can change it to its server address in US of Of course, you can change to another server such as and so on if you have such an E-mail account. Other configurations are as same as Gmail account. Good luck!




POP3服务器填写 就可以了

POP3邮箱帐号一定写邮箱全称,如:[email protected](仅用户名没用,因为雅虎要区分是@yahoo.cn还是用户)

③ 密码:输入你的帐号密码

④ 一定要选中:“SMTP服务器需要身份验证”

⑤ 如果SMTP服务器填写的是,则SMTP服务器端口应该选择:465;选中“此服务器需求安全连接(SSL)”



Thanks to the author of the following page You can refer to the way as it said to the configuration to Foxmail.


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