KV2008 updating with no restrict KV2008无限升级授权

If your KV2008 has expired and could not update any more, you can change this file of authorization. And it can be multi-used and with no restrict of the number of users.


This file comes from the authority. It doesn’t need any updating tools or verifying hosts files, which is now the most perfect way to update and it can re-count the period of validity at each time changed.


How to do then?

Firstly, “开始/所有程序/附件/资源管理器/工具/文件夹选项/查看”, then get rid of all the hidden items, click “显示系统文件、所有文件文件夹”. Then you can see the file accredit_1001.dat in Program FilesJiangmin path. Delete the file or even “smash” it with Jiangmin. If it does not exist, of course you do not do any.

首先,“开始/所有程序/附件/资源管理器/工具/文件夹选项/查看”,去掉所有隐藏项,勾选“显示系统文件、所有文件文件夹”,这时可以看到Program FilesJiangmin下的accredit_1001.dat文件,删除之或者干脆用江民“粉碎”之,如果没有就不用“粉碎”。

Secondly, demesh the file accredit_1001.dat in the pressure package to c:windowssystem32 path to change the original file with the same name (under Windows XP os).

第二,将压缩包内的accredit_1001.dat解压到 c:windowssystem32下替换原来的同名文件(XP平台)。

Lastly, run the smart updating of KV2008.


PS: only a safe common sense that suggests opening files with “资源管理器” instead of “我的电脑” which can escape the auto run of some virus like auto.


Here is the file pressure package. You can directly click the link to download it. Good luck!






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