Experiencing Real Internet And Message Trap

Last night in one QQ group I saw a link to a page saying that was a special personal signature and showed a good example. The link is http://www.zgqm888.cn and I clicked it into the page. You should input your name (to the designer) and your mobile phone number. I just fill them up without hesitation.

Then the first message received: “感谢您使用龙马世纪公司的短信宝盒业务,服务代码10629778,信息费2.00/次,由中国移动代收,客服电话0571-88935711。中国移动

Just a few seconds later the second message received: “您想设计艺术签名的姓名是.***.吗?请回复2确认(不回复将作废)咨询95105971,本条免费”I replied “2” without any thought.

Then the third message received: “姓名已收到(PS:指对方确认网站姓名填报和手机号相符合),请您回复数字选择一种字体:20花体21反体22印章23连笔24漫画体25艺术体 咨询951059712/”I replied “25”.

The fourth message received: “好的签名应该符合本人的形象气质,请根据你的形象气质选择字体风格(回复数字):221刚劲有力222飘逸洒脱223清雅浪漫” I replied “222”.

And the fifth received: “尊敬的用户,你选择的艺术签名的姓名是***,艺术体,风格飘逸洒脱,确认请回复228”I replied “228”.

Then the sixth message received: “最后一步,为了便于您手机接收,请问您手机屏幕是多大,请回复数字选择:26较大27中等大小28较小(回复完本条短信就能立刻收到签名啦)”I thought it could quickly get the signature and so I replied “26”.

The seventh received: “制作完成,如您是彩信用户就能收到签名彩信!您的名字选以下签名体应该会更帅气:20花体22印章23连笔25艺术体 非彩信用户回复201”I was waiting for the coming MMS, but did not received any. I thought I should re-choose one format and then I replied “25” again. The eighth received but that was not what I wanted. It was just the one that I had received before like the fourth. And I re-processed the following replies like the fifth and the sixth. At last I got the same as the seventh one! But none of the MMS received. I found I had dropped into a message trap!

I thought about it over and thought maybe my phone could not receive MMS and I should reply “201”. So I did and the last two I received told me that “如果您不是彩信用户,请使用电脑登陆如下网站查看您的签名:2.1778.net。咨询电话95105971” and “感谢您使用龙马世纪公司的短信宝盒业务,服务代码10629778,信息费2.00/次,由中国移动代收,客服电话0571-88935711。中国移动

Then I got onto http://2.1778.net and saw that was “凌飞签名设计在线”. I could not find my signature at all! I suddenly fainted at this sight!! All I sent were 10 messages and I lost 20 yuan using which to buy a great lesson!

This is my own experience and it reminds me not believing any ads or traps on the Internet or by mobile message. The following two links are telling us the same experience like me. We should take this as an object lesson.




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