How To Add A Pure DOS To Windows XP

PS: This method is not adapted to NTFS file system.

     Now many friends are loading Windows XP which is really fast and stable. But it might bring us some inconveniences, such as that we want to clone the system by Ghost, it doesn’t work because Ghost must run in pure DOS. How we do then? Some friends might think of VFloppy, but it is virtual after all not pure DOS. But you can have a try as what I will say as follows.

1. If you use the command format c:/s to format your disk C before you load your Windows XP, you can press F8 button to enter pure DOS after you load the system.

2. If you do not use the above command, there is another remedy.

The commands that needed: sys; srcboot; bootpart; attrib (the latter three are outer commands and they should be included in your boot disk)

You can finish doing this as the following steps.

1. Use light disk or floppy disk or USB device to boot DOS.

2. Sys a: c: (make the current C disk have the ability to boot)

3. Srcboot c: c:bootsect.dos /s (save the boot information of DOS)

4. Echo y|Bootpart winnt boot:c: (this step can recover the boot core of NT because you use sys a: c: cover the original boot information of C disk and if this step is omitted, booting from hard disk is becoming pure DOS)

5. Attrib -h -s -r c:boot.ini (this step gets rid of the hidden, systemic and read only attribution of the file boot.ini)

6. Echo c:="MS-DOS">>c:boot.ini (put DOS choice into boot.ini)

7. Attrib +h +s +r C:boot.ini (recover the hidden, systemic and read only attribution of the file boot.ini)

8. Reboot your computer and press F8, then choose the last item “back to OS menu” and “MS-DOS”. You can enter pure DOS at last.

(This entry is translated from one entry on the following page:[email protected]/blog/static/1220606200752811146678/. Thanks to the author.)



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