Nod32 And Fengyun—My Virus Software And Firewall

I have using KV software for a long time even the serials of the donated KV2004 had been expired. But recently I found the latest version KV2009 was free to use and then I unloaded it and reloaded it after unloading the old version. I felt nice but occupied the memory and CPU a little more, which influenced the whole ability of the computer. Then I thought which one might be the best for my hardware configuration.

I searched for some time concentrating on some IT forums, knowing some better ones which might occupy the limited source a little. I chose NOD32 at last for it is really small with a good effect. There are two types of this virus software: NOD32 of EAV and EES. The former is only the virus software while the later is the combination with virus software and firewall. I loaded EES first, but it might be conflicted to IPV6. After I loaded IPV6 and finished the configuration, I could not ping any IPV6 Internet address successfully. And then I found some useful information on the forums saying how to configure the firewall. But when I did the configuration as what said, IPV6 could be accessible while other original rules did not work. This might be a design flaw and on the official forum of Nod32 in China had been reported. So I had to change to EAV and should find another firewall to combine.

I of course firstly adhered to making in China choosing Skynet which is a good one I have used before. But it could not live with Nod32 even the Windows system could not boot. According to many entries on the forums, some better combinations are as follows: Nod32 and Outpost, Nod32 and Comodo, Nod32 and Micopoint, Nod32 and Fengyun, and so on. I found that Comodo is a good one named the No. one in the world and there is no problem among IPV6 and even the personal version is free! So I loaded it feeling well and found the user manual at Kafan forum. But the interface of the latest version is with English language and the configuration is really a little complex. So at last I gave up it and found another one which is easy to handle with. I found Fengyun at last. It is easy to use with a great power. So I strongly recommend you to use it to back up with products making in China and it is all free to use too!

Here are some useful addresses for you to refer to:

The official Internet address of Nod32:

The official Internet address of Nod32 in China:

The official forum of Nod32 in China:

The official Internet address of Fengyun firewall:

Kafan forum on ESET (Nod32):

Kafan forum on Fengyun firewall:


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