Something Changed To Live Spaces Soon

        You know that recently the news about the products of Windows Live has been widely spread to our eyes and ears of view. I particularly care about the products I am now using such as Live Space, SkyDrive and Live Messenger. I have mentioned the changes of SkyDrive before and today I will say something new of the coming Live Spaces. 
        When you’ve tried signing in to any Windows Live ID-powered services in your web browser, you’ll notice that the sign-in page has gotten a different look, as an introduction to the whole suite of Wave 3 Windows Live internet services. You can go to the following web to see the detailed information: Windows Live ID gets a Wave 3 facelift. And of course when you go to the home page of Live Spaces (, you can also find the introduction of the coming changes of it.
Coming soon:Changes to Windows Live Spaces
The new look of Spaces
We’re redesigning the top of the page, removing the ads, and using a new more readable font.
More ways to share your photos
As always, you can display your photos on your space, but now you can also share and enjoy them through the Photos page on Windows Live.
More ways to show who you are
With your new profile page you can let others know more about you, both on your space and across Windows Live. Plus, the new things you do can show up automatically on your profile page. You decide who sees what.
A better place to call home
As you know, what’s new lists show you the new things people in your network are doing. Now, the what’s new area on the Spaces home page will highlight new blog posts and comments. To see the full what’s new list, you can go to your Windows Live home page.
Learn more on the Spaces team blog.
        You can go to the home page to see the new web pages coming soon! And in their official blog entries, they also published some detailed information about the changes this time.
·Removing the horizontal ad from the top of your space
·Making all of the modules optional (even the Title and Tagline module, which previously couldn’t be removed)
·Using a simpler header that has less text than other pages in Windows Live
·Letting you change themes, fonts, colors, and background images on your space using the customize menu
·Letting you rename or not show the title of each module on your space by using the settings menu for each module in customize mode
·Letting you select exactly which photo albums to show in your photos module: you can even customize what parts of the photos interface to display
                                                                                                      (These last three are features available in Spaces now)
        To see more about the changes of Live Spaces, go to the following page to read this entry: Coming soon: cleaner, better looking spaces.


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