Care For A Funny Wink In Your Messenger?

With the Olympics flames still burning red hot in my mind, I’m going to share another sports-related campaign. Basically, it’s a campaign that we are running to allow you to customize winks in messenger. A wink is the thing that pops up in your messenger chat window and run in your friend’s screen. Well I admit that sometimes it could be annoying but at certain times it could be fun 🙂

Just go to this site: (Hong Kong, SAR: Chinesse ) (United States: English)

It will ask you a few questions and determine what type of “athlete” are you. And at the end, it will ask you to upload your own headshot and then it will merge it with the cartoon character.  You can then have a choice to install it for free on your messenger and that character will be available as a wink completely free. It won’t even try to reset your homepage or search default, just a clean simple download :). And hey, if you don’t like it, you can remove it with one click [Go to Winks, Show all, remove]. Good luck!

What athlete is in you?

(From Windows Live Chronicles Spaces: Care for a new wink in your messenger? Thanks to the author.)


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