Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta With A New Version To Look And Use

You know Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta has been published to use for a long time and I have updated my MSN to this new Beta version recently. Of course this is only the Beta version, and when the formal version might be a little and even great different. But this new version is greatly expected after seeing and using this Beta version.

Now first let us see a video showing off this new version from Lonn in the the entry of messengersays Spaces.


You can find the more detailed comparison with version 8.5 on the following entry: Wave 3: Windows Live Messenger 9 Beta – What’s New? A Comparison With 8.5 from Thanks to the author.

And of course if you do not like to see picture ads on the main interface and text ads on the dialogue interface, you can use A-Patch142b3_WLM9 to eliminate them. It has been supported to the latest version 14.0.5027.908. But the best enhancing plug to MSN, I think for us, might be MSNShell. But the latest version of this software has not been supported to WLM 9. So I has to wait for the new one to update. Here is the downloading place to access A-Patch142b3_WLM9 in my SkyDrive. Good luck!|


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