Live Spaces Open For Just One Year Today

I have just looked the first entry I wrote last year and the date was just today! So it might be a day that should be commemorated. So at the last hour within today, I am writing this entry to give a small summary.

Evreyone is full of curiosity at new things. Enthusiasm at the start makes me write many entries even four or five a day! While in the latter months of period, the total number might be less than that of the beginning two months. Although the latter entries were written in English. Another reason might be that now recently I have no much time to write and I must spend more on preparing for my question for study or discussion and thesis.

I have tried using several blogs to experience, but none of them was used for more than two months except this Live Spaces which enchants me most. And I am very glad to hear about the news of the coming great changes on Live Spaces! Wish it become better and I’d like to still write here continuously.


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