The PPT Presentations Of My Limited Lecture On Creatology Recently

Two projects have been started in our lab this month and I am of course taking part in this two projects. I was arranged in one project and mainly concerned in patent with another bachelor. When I was working in teaching, I took part in the teaching activity of creative education and spreading creative mind among college students. I took in this teaching and learning for two years accumulating some experiences on this special field. And now more and more people begin to pay much attention to it especially our nation declared clearly to build a creative country on January 2006. I was taking the teaching activity mainly in the form of elected classes. I admired one person who was the leader of this educational activity and the vice secretary of China Creative Studies Institute.

Although I left my original working position, I still continue to study something related to creatology and I always think that it might be implemented at any time when I am doing anything creative. And now this knowledge can be very useful and it were time that everyone of us designers and researchers made great use of it in our daily study and working. So I prepared for the serial lectures on creative power training and in the passed two weeks I have given two of them on creative methods and patent retrieving techniques.

Here are the PPT presentations of my limited lecture on creatology recently with three files (with PDF file format) on the two lectures.


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