Most Of The Windows Live Wave 3 Services Launched Yesterday

As I mentioned before, yesterday marked the update for most of the Windows Live services to Wave 3. This release was expected to mainly take place from 4pm PST onwards, and would include the release of new services such as Windows Live Groups, Photos and Profile as well as the significantly updated Home and Mobile offerings. No this doesn’t include the release of Windows Live Essentials, the desktop applications. Note, Hotmail and Calendar are both on a different release schedule, and as such will remain at their Wave 3 Milestone 2 builds until a later update.

Now you can see the interface of my Live Spaces with a different look and something innovation about this space is nice to most of us users.

All the new services are available, so check them out and see the references mentioned on the following pages.

Windows Live Photos ( – Windows Live Wave 3: Photos

Windows Live SkyDrive ( – Windows Live Wave 3: SkyDrive

Windows Live Groups ( – Windows Live update ships: After years of waiting, we create a Group 🙂

Windows Live Home ( – Windows Live Wave 3: Homepage

If you want to know more information about this update, you’d better log on to the following spaces with English or Chinese version. 


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